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TEXFolio is a complete production system in the cloud. It accepts XML and LATEX documents as input and generates a variety of outputs as per user directives.

TEXFolio can accept XML documents tagged as per NLM/JATS or Elsevier Journal Article DTD. It can also generate both XML format output from LATEX input files.

TEXFolio can generate hyperlinked, bookmarked, standards compliant PDF output as per client specifications from the XML or LATEX inputs.

As the name indicates, TEX is the typesetting engine with LATEX3 as the main driver for custom libraries and packages. However, users need not have any TEX installation in their systems.

Neptune, which is part of TEXFolio, permits TEX authors to edit directly their documents at proof stage and a master copy editor can pass it for publishing with minimal loss of time.

With lower learning curve and with its menu driven output generators, TEXFolio is a pleasure to go through all stages of production like cleanup, enrichment, copy-editing, XML/PDF generation, validating, etc.

Fetching/checking/adding links from CrossRef, ORCID, PubMed, Genbank or similar sites, generation of raster images of math formulae, dataset creation and validation, shipout to client repositories, etc. are seamless in TEXFolio.

TEXFolio is math-aware and it can easily digest tikz graphics or matrices often used by mathematicians which raises the standards of document production to the entire satisfaction of authors.

TEXFolio can easily be configured to output popular ebook format, namely, ePub, as an extra output if the user so desires.