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Features of Neptune

Add/remove objects

New objects like \section{...}, {equation}, {figure}, {table}, cross-references, paragraphs etc., can be added or removed, which will be shown in the tracker for later checking and to inform master-copiers. If the objects change any counters, it will immediately be reflected in the document by automatically re-numbering the objects and fixing the cross-references when you compile the document twice.

Synchronized pre/post-edited sources

Pre- and post-edited document sources along with tracker window with hyperlinked list of edit changes are available. Authors can make a last minute checking and confirmation of all edits or discard any change at their will.

No need for another proof

Since authors edit directly on the LATEX sources and view the final output as in print/web, no need to request a revised proof or to wait for it which reduces production time. They can download their edited output in PDF format if they want.

One-to-one link between source TEX file to PDF and back are available which makes it easier to navigate from source to the corresponding location in PDF and vice-versa. The user need to compile the sources once for this feature to take effect.

Validated editing

Although, authors can edit their sources at their will, author’s TEX code will be validated immediately during proofing process. Hence, chances for making errors by authors are almost non-existent.

Functional tracker

A convenient tracker of copy-editor made changes with choice to Reject/Accept the changes is available. Default is Accept.

Error-stop/non-stop modes

PDF generation can optionally be stopped at an error or can be continued till end of the job without stopping at errors to facilitate authors’ preferred style of debugging.

Notes, requests, comments, etc.

Any number of notes, requests, comments, etc., can be added to the document sources by clicking at line number.

PDF output

At the end of the editing job or whenever they want, authors can generate a PDF from their edited sources which is exactly like the one when finally printed in the journal.

Pretty-printed sources

The editor in Neptune renders document source in a well-structured, pretty-printed and human-readable format which will prompt even the non-LATEX authors to try editing in the source.

Miscellaneous features

  • PDF output has active hyperlinks and bookmarks.
  • Any number of Undo/Redo will be supported.
  • Facilities available to add comments, instructions, etc., to queries directed to authors.
  • Search/replace and regular expressions are supported.
  • Go to Neptune home.