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Neon is a framework for automated generation of PDF from XML documents of supported DTDs.

  1. Supported DTDs: Elsevier Journal Article DTD and NLM/JATS DTD.
  2. Criteria:

    • The document shall be valid as per the respective DTD.
    • The graphic file formats supported are: (i) *.pdf, (ii) *.png and (iii) *.jpg.
    • Long equations will be broken across lines and aligned if and only if alignment and line break attributes as per MathML version 3.0 have been used for tagging math equations.
    • Stretchy delimiters will be supported only if <mfence> element is used for math tagging.
    • The orientation attribute of floats shall be used so that automated landscaping of wide floats are accomplished.
    • The widths of tabular columns if provided (for example, CALS DTD provides), will assist to generate elegant tables without intervention.
  3. The metadata has to be provided either in XML or JSON format.
  4. Standards compliant PDFs are generated.
  5. Graphic files as per the requirements of PDF shall be provided meeting required resolutions and color spaces.
  6. Target journals house style shall be provided.
  7. A set up time of a fortnight is needed.