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Turing in the news!

Alan Turing (1912–1954) was one of the brilliant minds of twentieth century Britain. He was a mathematician, computer scientist, logician and cryptanalyst apart from making contributions to theoretical biology and philosophy. He formalized the concept of algorithms and made seminal contributions [Read more ...]

Neptune again!

Elsevier adopts Neptune as their proofing solution for LATEX authors!
LATEX authors are a potential community who are generally fuzzy and passionate as well about the typography and adherence to conventions of their respective disciplines during document processing. ... MORE

TUG 2019: STMDocs sponsors 2019 annual meeting of TEX Users Group to be held in Palo Alto, USA during August 9 to 11. Two of their development team, Rishi and Aravind, also make presentations on TEXFolio and Neptune respectively.

A recent article about LATEX in Nature, sparked a discussion at Hacker News which is interesting as they provide an insight into the perception of others about TEX community.

Hàn Thê Thành, the primary author of PDFTEX (the default compiler in all the TEX distributions) pays a visit to River Valley in June 2019, that has enhanced our free software credentials further.

Biodiversity Award: STMDocs have been chosen for a special jury award of government of Kerala for their efforts to conserve and protect biodiversity. TS Rajesh received the award from the minister for widlife and forests of Kerala.

Government of Kerala goes TEX and free software way! The government of Kerala adopted TEX and free software when it wanted to make PDF, ePub and a responsive web site of the contents of its handbook about hundreds of welfare/assistance schemes meant for the population. [Read more ...]

TUG 2011: The 32nd Annual Meeting of the TEX Users Group was hosted by River Valley Technologies Trivandrum, Kerala, India during October 19–21, 2011. This three-day conference focused on document production using LATEX, TEX, ConTeXt, MetaPost, and friends. [Read more ...]