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Sustainable Living and Biodiversity

STMDocs strives hard to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable living. Recently, we have been chosen for a special jury award of biodiversity board of government of Kerala for our efforts to conserve biodiversity of the campus. TS Rajesh of the company received the award from the minister for forests and wildlife of Kerala in a brief ceremony. We are documenting the biodiversity of the campus using a MediaWiki and the site will be up and running soon. The campus is:

  • environment friendly, plastic free zone with paperless office
  • no air-conditioning and no synthetic lights during day
  • self sufficient in vegetables, milk, poultry and eggs
  • organic farming, no pesticides and synthetic fertilizers
  • rain water harvesting and gray water recycling
  • bio-gas from cow dung to meet entire fuel needs of cafeteria
  • waste management and composting
  • lowest energy consumption
  • passionate usage of free and open source software for all our computing and development

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The bees and butterflies are abundantly available in our campus enriching the biospora. The ...

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Our campus is completely wheelchair accessible. One can go around the campus as well as anywhere inside the buildings in a wheelchair.

A night view of the buildings in the campus.

Flowers galore in the campus!